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Pearl Harbor Attack Quiz

"...everything that the Japanese were planning to do was known to the United States..." ARMY BOARD, 1944

How much do you know about December 7th, 1941?

Twelve (12) Questions to test your knowledge about the most important event for America in the 20th Century

1. Who later claimed credit for the proposal to embargo oil to force Japan into war against the United States?

2. What country did Roosevelt want to save by sacrificing Pearl Harbor?

Yes - No
3. Did the United States Navy in Washington and the Philippines read the main Japanese naval code JN-25B prior to the attack? This is the code that contained every detail of the attack on Pearl Harbor including the exact location of the Striking Force every day.

4. According to Roberta Wohlstetter in her enormously respected Pearl Harbor: Warning and Decision, did Roosevelt know the day and date that Japan would war with the United States and not inform Hawaii?

5. Did Washington know as early as July 1941 that the Japanese had shallow-draft torpedoes fitted for carrier-based planes and not inform the Hawaiian commanders and refuse them anti-torpedo nets?

6. Was Hawaii informed about a spy in Honolulu that Washington knew was sending exact positions of ships in harbor - bomb plots- to Japanese naval intelligence?

7. Was Hawaii lied to by our own side repeatedly about the location of the Japanese carrier fleet?

8. Did Roosevelt declare war on Japan, as defined by the Hague Conventions, on August 17, 1941?

9. When the Dutch invoked the ADB treaty on December 4th, 1941, was the United States legally at war with Japan?

10. Did Roosevelt, a former Under-Secretary of the Navy in WWI, love the Navy too much to allow any ship to be damaged?
 a. Yes, he was insane.
 b. No, he was already sacrificing ships in the Atlantic to bait Hitler, including an attempt to get the 2,000 man battleship USS Texas sunk.

11. Is it true that when Washington ordered the aircraft carriers out of Pearl Harbor in anticipation of the coming attack that they expected the carrier USS Enterprise to return to Pearl Harbor on December 6th just prior to the attack?
 a. Yes, Washington, with minimal communication, had complete foreknowledge of every detailed move that the commander of the USS Enterprise was likely to make and made.
 b. No, Washington expected the USS Enterprise to take more than one day to leave and to return after December 7th because old battleships in its escort group would slow it down. Washington could never have imagined the USS Enterprise would get off within 24 hours (it took the USS Lexington under the same orders one week) or that the commander would dump his battleships to increase his speed (he was under standing orders to leave with them, but once at sea he naturally had complete command and immediately sent the slow ships back to Pearl).

12. Why are the NSA, CIA, DoD, and FBI still covering up the Pearl Harbor Conspiracy?
 a. They lost information they had an affirmative duty to keep.
 b. The security of the United States depends on lying about what happened over 60 years ago.
 c. The government doesn't want its unwashed citizens to know how thoroughly they were lied to because it would destroy confidence in an all-powerful government and would hamper its ability to lie in the future.
 d. The government is trying to protect the Democrat Party because if it were known that the founder and icon of the modern Democrat Party was a traitor that colluded in the mass murder of thousands of Americans, it would destroy the Party.
 e. These agencies, particularly the National Security Agency, have themselves lied so much about the Pearl Harbor conspiracy and actively participated in the cover up, that their credibility would be damaged.
 f. C, D, and E.