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American Gothic by Grant Wood IOWA CHESS Pigs playing chess


Mark Willey

S. Bondari*

K. Sharafuddin

Randy Bauer*

Mitch Weiss*

Ilya Karasik

Dale Kenkel








* means state champion.
Also in the state is ten-time champion Dan Harger.
In Postal Chess, John Penquite deserves mention. He was the highest rated USCF correspondence player with a 2927 rating (won 49 games straight, no losses, no draws).


The association is reaching its 100th birthday. Iowa State Chess Association
Editor of the official quarterly publication Iowa Chess En Passant is Mark Capron of Iowa City.

For scholastic chess, a good contact is Roger Gotschall, Ames, Iowa 50010, tel 515-233-4239, email

Louis PaulsenIowa has a storied chess history: Louis Paulsen, born in Nassengrund, Germany Jan-15-1833, died of diabetes Aug-18-1891, was the number one player in America when Paul Morphy wasn't playing. According to Arpad Elo in his 1978 book "The Rating of Chessplayers, Past and Present," Paulsen's best five year rating was 2550 which was very high for the time. According to Jeff Sonos who claims his "chessmetric ratings" are more accurate than ELO, Paulsen was number one in the world in 1862, 1865, 1869, 1870, 1871 and number two in the world for 9 years. His peak year Chessmetrics rating was 2785 in 1866, which is not bad. Depending on which Chessmetrics list or graph you look at, Sonos lists Paulsen as one of the top 12 chess players in world history. Back in Germany, Paulsen's sister Amalie (1831-1869) was the first woman to beat a master. Paulsen lived on a farm and established a distillery and a tobacco trade near Dubuque with his brother Ernest and Amalie from 1854 until 1861 when he migrated to England. Herr Louis Paulsen was a very simple-minded, unworldly-wise man, always absorbed in the work upon which he was engaged, and forgetful of everything else. Paulsen was a great defensive player and a profound opening theoretician who introduced many novelties, especially in the French and Sicilian. A major line in the Sicilian is named after him. Steinitz called him a "pioneer of the new school" and Steinitz claimed that Paulsen was the one opponent he feared most in matchplay. He changed the way we play chess by his treatment of pawn structures, closed positions and fianchettos. He is the first person to popularize blindfold chess and held the record of 15 games played simultaneously. He was the leading blindfold expert in the world during his lifetime. He also founded the Dubuque Chess Club in 1858 such as it is. The classic book on him is Horst Paulussens "Louis Paulsen 1833-1891 und das Schachspiel in Lippe 1900-1981, Ein Beitrag zur Geschichte des Deutschen Schachspiels" (Detmold 1982, Herausgegeben vom Lippischen Heimatbund Detmold, Verlag Topp und Mller). In tournaments he was 2nd at New York 1857, 1st at Bristol 1861, 2nd at London 1862 (after Adolf Anderssen), 2nd at Baden-Baden 1870, 1st at Krefeld 1871, 1st at Leipzig 1877, 2nd at Leipzig 1879 and 4th= at Breslau 1889. In matches he played Adolf Anderssen three times; drawing in 1862 (+3, =2, -3) and winning in 1876 (+5, =1, -4) and 1877 (+5, =1, -3). He also defeated Ignatz Von Kolisch (+7, =18, -6) in 1861 and Gustav Richard Neumann (+5, =3, -2) in 1864. The introduction of chess clocks had a negative influence on his play and drove him from chess. Here are about 400 of his best games in PGN format: Paulsen's games

One of the finest chess problem magazines of all time was the Dubuque Chess Journal a.k.a. Brownson's Chess Journal published by an African-American named A. O. Brownson, Jr. from July 1869 until June 1892. There were 13 volumes at $1.20 per annum or ten cents an issue. Each issue had about a dozen lightly annotated games from international magazines or tournaments and over 30 chess problems, about half of them original, usually mate in 2, 3, or 4 moves but occasionally suicide mates or play-to-win endgames. There were articles on chess news, analysis of openings, chess variants, chess notation variants, and letters to the editor by problemists complaining about people who complained about their problems. A sample list of games from January 1875 is below -

409 MONTREAL-QUEBEC Telegraph match
Single issues of this magazine now retail for about $50 each.


Robert Beelman

Peter Harris

Mark Capron

2103 W 1st St No.8

2000 N.Ct. 10d

1029 6th Ave

Ankeny 50021

Fairfield 52556

Iowa City 52240





IOWA CITY: The Hawkeye Chess Club; contact Mohammad Sayeeduzaman at 353-4288; email and home addresses are on their webpage. Usually meets on the third floor lobby of the Student Union. A more current eddress is: University of Iowa Chess Club. The Tobacco Bowl cafe which is right downtown on the pedestrian mall is where you can ask for board and pieces at the counter and assorted chess players hang out there. In the summer, chess is played in the pedestrian mall in front of the cafe. The best place is at the Deadwood Bar at 6 Dubuque Street, just down the block. There they lend free pieces and chess clocks. It is the center of Iowa chess.

AMES: The Ames ISU Chess Club also has two homepages (!), contact: Roger Gotschall, Ames, Iowa 50010, tel 515-233-4239 email:

The Cyclone Chess Club

Chess Club Ames/ISU

CEDAR FALLS/WATERLOO: Al Schoeman, 111 Bauch St., Waterloo, IA 50701. The Waterloo Chess Club meets at the public library. Also contact John Osness at

DES MOINES area has a scholastic chess league with many schools participating. There are an estimated 100 scholastic players in Iowa. Des Moines Chess Clubhas a couple e-mail addresses for one to contact. It meets on Tuesday nights.

DAVENPORT Chess Club website is Quad Cities Chess ClubThey hold weekly, USCF-rated tournaments each Tuesday night at 6:30 PM at AmericInn just north of ThunderBay Grill in North Davenport (HWY 61 N. or Brady St.) If you'd like other information on additional meeting times and places, contact Roger Kromphardt at We hope you'll join us!

DUBUQUE Chess Club meets at the public library on Wednesdays. Contact Earl Zismer, tel 556-1662. The Dubuque Chess Club.

MASON CITY: Mitch Weiss 424-0946.

SIOUX CITY: Chris Jens, 2811 S Mulberry St. Sioux City, IA 51106.

Willey-Soltis Diagram

WILLEY-SOLTIS, Seattle Chess Club Summer Open

Does anyone know of a game where one side was up more than a queen and exchange after eight moves? {ECO C11} 1. e4 e6 2. d4 d5 3. Nc3 Nf6 4. Bg5 c5 5. e5 cxd4 6. exf6 dxc3 7. fxg7 Qxg5 8. gxh8=Q

Willey-Yanoka Diagram

Find the winning move that DEEP FRITZ can't find!
White to move

This is from the game Willey (USA)-Yanoka ELO 2365 (POL), Yalta, CCCP, 1990. See below for the solution and game.

Mark Willey's 24 Memorable Games


Anyone can email me information about:

These were pointed out by Prof. H. Simpson and published in CHESS REVIEW Jan-Feb 1982 published by James Schroeder of Cleveland.

Mate is given at White's third move or earlier in 355 possible games.

First we have the well-known games in which Black mates on his second move. A typical game of this type is 1. f4 (or f3) e5 (or e6) 2. g4 Qh4. White's two moves may occur in either order, giving 2 x 2 x 2 = 8 games.

The games in which White mates on his third move can be grouped into types as follows --

(i) 1. e3 (or e4) e5 2. Qh5 Ke7 3. Qxe5 mate = two games

(ii) 1. c3 (or c4 or d4) and White mates with Qc2 or Qd3 followed by Qg6 after Black has played f6 and h6 (or h5) in either order = 3 x 4 = 12 games.

(iii) 1. e3 (or e4) followed by Qg4 and Qg6 after Black has played f6 (or f5) and h6 (or h5) in either order = 2 x 8 = 16 games.

(iv) 1. e3 followed by Bd3 and Bg6 after Black has played as in (iii) = 4 games.

(v) 1. e3 (or e4) followed by Be2 and Bh5 after Black has played f6 (or f5) and g5 in either order = 2 x 4 = 8 games.

(vi) 1. e3 (or e4) and mates with Qh5, Black playing as in (v) and White's second move being a pawn move a3, a4, b3, b4, c3, c4, d3, d4, e4 (e5), f4, g3, h3 or h4; or a bishop move Bd3, Bc4, Bb5, or Ba6; or a Queen move Qe2, Qf3, or Qg4; or knight to Na3, Nc3, or Nh3 = 2 x 23 x 4 = 184 games.

(vii) 1 e4 f5 2. e4xf5 g5 3. Qh5 = 1 game.

(viii) Black plays as in (v). White's second move is e3 (or e4) and his first move is pawn to a3, a4, b3, b4, c3, c4, d3, d4, f4, g3, h3 or h4 or knight to Na3, Nc3, or Nh3 = 2 x 15 x 4 = 120 games.

Now the White mates equal 2 + 12 + 16 +4 + 8 +184 + 1 + 120 = 347 and added to the 8 Black mates, the total is 355 games.


I saw Hugh at the 2002 Iowa Open in September. He has just published his autobiography "A CHESS EXPLORER" which includes openings analysis and 130 of his best games annotated. He is selling it for $25 plus $3 shipping. You can contact him at 1605 E 12th Street, Davenport, IA 52803, tel. 563-324-6609. He is in the phonebook.


FIDE Laws of Chess

FIDE Laws of Chess (vie FTP)

FIDE Laws of Chess 1997 edition

Chess Corner

Chess Dominion

Chess Informant Reference Page

Chess Links FIDE Laws of Chess

Classification of Chess Combinations

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ECO Codes

Historical Chess Documehhnts,113

PGN Description

PGN Online Description

United States Chess Federation Home Site WBCA Blitz Rules

Chess Vocabulary in 4 Languages

Chess Dictionary 
The largest chess dictionary in the world. Global form of chess with 5,000+ keywords and 30+ modules

1995 Nordic Zonal Tournament in Chess Reykjavik 
Games, results, and bios from the 1995 Nordic Zonal.

64 Chess Street  
All of the most important games of the past two years. Sorted by ECO in cbf format.

Amiga Archive at Caissa  
A central repository for Amiga chess-related programs.

Aminet Game Archive  
An archive of board game programs for the Amiga.

Aminet Two Player Games  
Index of 2- or more player games on Aminet.

Archives (Brazil) 
Brazilian archive; with FIDE info, games, and software; it hasn't been updated in a long while.

Art Gallery  
Internet Chess Library pic gallery with pictures of chess boards and pieces, chess celebrities, ICS personalities, and screen shots of programs available at the ICL.

Atari Archive at Caissa  
A central repository for Atari-related chess programs.

Biographical games collections

British Chess Game archive, 1930-Present. Download game collections from tons of British events.

Chess Archaeology  
Part of the Michigan Chess Association site, this page features historical games annotated by their participants (Steinitz, etc.)

Chess Archive 
Has a java applet featuring a Game of the Day, plus PGN collections by player (only a dozen or so top GM's) and opening (fairly large).

Chess Archive at Caissa 
A central repository of chess files, programs, etc.

Chess Archives  
from Traveller Information Services; offer Logical Chess: Move by Move, Chess Diagram Construction Utility, Beginner's Page, Chess Problem Server, 5-Piece Endgame Solution, Chess Graphics, Chess Trivia and Chess History.

Chess Cafe Skittles Room  
Russell Enterprise Inc.'s chess archive site, with a potpourri of articles, letters and essays from the days of yore, along with selected articles of interest from today.

Chess Mail  
Correspondence games from Chess Mail magazine. Selection changes every month. Ususally the collections are centered around specific themes.

Chessplayers' Inn  
These chess pages consist of all the world champion matches and the 1948 tournament for world championship, available national (i.e. Finnish) tournaments and some links to other chess pages.

Chessopolis !

Correspondence Chess Game Archive  
by John Knudsen and with nearly 200,000 CC matches available

Correspondence Chess Place Archive  
Massively huge archive of correspondence games dating from 1804 to the present including a section devoted to CC World Champions.

Download Gambit matches  
The download page of the GambitSite.

Electronic Chess Library  
The Electronic Chess Library is a published work of Glenn Budzinski, one of the more prominent US Chess historians. He has graciously now placed the entire Library into the public domain and it is housed at the University of Pittsburgh Chess Club.

Elo List Archive  
Elo lists new and old, plus some other files.

Fairfax County Chess Club  

Filebone: Index 
The chess files contain a large collection of chess games in many formats, news, programs, utilities, and more.

G. Ossimitz Chess Page  
Game collections with an emphasis on games and positions from books

Gambit Download Page  
Game collections of various gambits.

Hemsoft Chess Page  
Complete tournaments in PGN format, mostly from the last couple years.

IECG archives 
A collection of International Email Chess Group's games from 1994 to the present.

Internet Chess Library 
All sorts of downloadable chess items, including a large games collection. A repository for chess related materials for the Internet, including free and shareware software, games data in various types and formats, and non-copyrighted or reprinted with permission articles and publications. You can also visit their ftp server.

King's Indian  
Collection devoted to this opening.

La Regence 1997-1998  
A database of recent chessgames

Observer is a software robot that pulls games off the FICS chess server that ended in checkmate, and then sorts them by opening. See the day's harvest.

Pitt Chess Archives  
The download page of the University of Pittsburgh Chess Club. The largest chess archive

Rating Info Archive  
Many rating list and other usefule files on ratings.

Ruben Casafus' homepage  
an excellently organised download page which covers all expectation in a download archive. Ruben Casafus does offer overall 275.000 matches, most of them played recently via e-mail. Archives are offered as zipped cbf-files. Strongly recommended!

Rudolf Steinkellner's Chess Page 
Archive of games in ASCII and PGN format, as well as a large index of other chess Web sites. - collection including Complete IECG 1994 game collection, PCA Candidates match 1995, British Championship 1994 all in PGN notation.

Lots of correspondence games to download.

Collections devoted to various line of the Sicilian.

Steve Mayer's ChessBase Archive
A repository of interesting and valuable ChessBase files.

Tournament Database  
PGN archives of games from local tournaments. Dallas Chess Club.

Traveller Chess: Archives  
Huntsville Chess Club chess archives; large site with games, database searches, a beginner's page, and more.

TWIC Archive  
ALL of the games (up to very recently) ever published on the The Week In Chess site collected in one place. What that means is the games from every major tournament of the last several years

TWIC Past Issues  
Keep up on current trends with the last 50 or so issues of The Week In Chess.

Typhon Internet Chess Database 
This site archives games by opening name, player, and event; play through the games using a Java applet, or simply look at the text file of the games. They also archive FIDE ratings.

University of Pittsburgh (ftp access) 
Huge chess archive, containing FREE public domain games in ChessBase and PGN formats (as well as others), data management and conversion tools, chess utilities, desktop publishing resources, and much more

University of Pittsburgh Chess Club  
Has probably the biggest collection of games and downloadable chess stuff on the Internet. Openings, players, events; it's all here.

University of Pittsburgh ChessBase archive
World Chess Championship
The games from the history of the World Championship, plus some of the candidate matches.

FTP Sites

Ziped Games Chessbase From Smayer  
    /PGN (Portable Game Notation) :
    /Demo: PGN Reader, Standards for PGN Notation
    /Events: Tournaments, divided by year (/0-1991, /1992... /1998)
    /Openings: Opening Game Collections
    /Players: Famous Player Collections 219 Games with 4 or more Queens on the board in end-game 737 Games of 100 moves or more 298 Games from American Chess Bulletin, 1947-1962 50 Brilliancies from Modern Play Selected British Games from the 1960s: 191 Games Selected British Games form the 1970s: 598 Games Games played in California: 10,216 Games. 603 Games from Canada, 1992 Computer Games 1986-97 Computer Games 1988-91 754 Games from Croatia Danish Championships 1961-68, 1971, 1980-84 GM's vs. Computers, Part 1: 1400 Games GM's vs. Computers, Part 2: 1400 Games on Internet Servers GM's vs. Computers, Part 3: 1200 Games Players from Ireland: 2334 Games Players from italy: 6202 Games, 1855-1994 65 Wins with K+B+P vs. K+B+P Endings 1650 Wins with K+P vs. K+P Endgames 128 Wins with K+N+P vs. K+N+P Endgames 227 Wins with K+Q+P vs. K+Q+P Endgames 1798 Wins with K+R+P vs. K+R+P Endings 3147-game PGN Collection. See DOC file included. 1997 Wins in 12 Moves or Less Collection of Misc. games, including many non-published GM games. PCA Candidates, Interzonal & World Ch., 1993-1995 Storming the Castled King: 165 Games from Rick Autry 1150 Games from Sweden, 1990-93 1132 Wins in 10 or less moves 110 Tactical Miniatures History of the World Championship: 3531 Games -- Male, Female, Candidates' Matches, Candidates' Tournaments, WCH Matches. Extended Position Description Specifications PGN Reader for Windows PGN Notation Standard 1994.03.12 1901 Monte Carlo: Alapin, Chigorin, Mieses et al 1902 Hanover. Mieses, pillsbury, Chigorin et al: 155 Games 1903 Monte Carlo: Tarrasch, Maroczy, Pillsbury et al 1904 Cambridge Springs. Marshall, Janowski, Lasker et al: 120 Games 1904 Monaco (all 30 games) and 1904 Monaco RICE 1904 Vienna: Albin, Maroczy, Schlechter et al 1905 Ostend: Maroczy, Janowski, Tarrasch, Schlechter et al 1907 Carlsbad, Czechoslovakia: 210 Games 1909 St. Petersburg: Lasker, Duras, Rubenstein et al 1834 London: DeLabourdonnais vs. MacDonnell 1843 Paris: P. St.Amant vs. H. Staunton 1845 New Orleans: C. Stanley vs. E. Rousseau 1846 London: B. Horwitz vs. H. Staunton 1848 Breslau: D. Harrwitz vs. A. Anderssen 1849 Brighton: D. Harwitz vs. B. Horwitz 1849 London 1850 Washington Match: C. Stanley vs. J. Turner 1851 London: Bird, Horwitz, Staunton, et al 1862 London: Anderssen, Paulsen, Owen, Steinitz et al 1878 Paris: Winawer, Zukertort, Blackburne, Bird et al 1879 Leipzig 1881 Berlin 1883 Nurnberg 1885 Hamburg 1887 Frankfurt am Main 1889 Breslau 1889 New York: Gunsberg, Blackburne, Chigorin et al 1892 Dresden 1893 Kiel 1894 Leipzig 1894 New York: Steinitz, Albin, Piillsbury et al 1895 St. Petersburg Match-Tournament: All 36 Games (Lasker, Steinitz, Pillsbury, Chigorin 1896 Nuremberg: Lasker, Tarrasch, Pillsbury et al 1900 Munich: Maroczy, Schlechter, Pillsbury equal 1st 1900 New York: Marshall, Showalter et al 1900 Paris 1927 New York: Capablanca, Alekhine, Nimzowitsch et al 1902 Monte Carlo: Maroczy, Pillsbury, Janowsky et al: 20 Players, 220+ Games. See README.TXT, included. Vienna 1907: Mieses, Duras, Tartakower, Vidmar et al: 14 Players, 91 Games. 1911 Karlsbad: Teichmann over Rubinstein & Schlechter 1912 San Sebastian: Rubinstein, Nimzowitsch, Spielmann et al 1913 Havana: All 56 Games. 1st Marshall, 2nd Capablanca, 3rd Janowksi. Cross-table included. 1914 St. Petersburg: Capablanca, Marshall, Tarrasch et al 1919 Hastings: Capablanca, Kostich et al; 12 players 1920 Berlin: Breyer, Bogoljubov, Maroczy et al 1920 Goteborg: All 302 Games 1921 Budapest: Alekhine, Gruenfeld, Kostich et al.; 12 players 1922 London: Capablanca, Alekhine, Vidmar et al 1922 Teplitz-Schonau, Germany (Maroczy, Mieses, Tartakower, Grunfeld et al): 91 Games 1922 Vienna: Rubenstein, Tartakower, Wolf, Alekhine, Maroczy 1923 Maehrisch-Ostrau. Em. Lasker 1st, R. Reti 2nd 1923 Vienna: Tartakower, Reti, Spielmann et al.; 12 players 1924 New York: Lasker, Capablanca, Alekhine, Marshall et al 1925 Baden-Baden: Alekhine, Rubenstein, Saemisch et al 1925 Debrecen: Kmoch, Tartakower, Johner et al.; 14 players 1925 Marienbad: Nimzowitsch, Tartakower, Torre, Marshall, Gruenfeld et al 1925 Moscow: Bogoljubov, Lasker, Capa, Marshall et al 1927 London: Nimzovich, Tartakower, Marshall et al 1927 World Championship: Alekhine (18.5), Capablanca (15.5) 1928 Budapest: Capablanca, Marshall, Spielmann et al.; 10 players 1928 Bad Kissingen: Bogoljubow, Capablanca, Euwe et al 1929 Karlsbad: 22 GM's! All 231 Games 1929 World Championship: Alekhine (15.5), Bogoljubov (9.5) 1930 Scarborough (ENG): Maroczy, Colle, Rubinstein, Grunfeld, Sultan Khan et al: 66 Games 1930 St. Remo: Alekhine, Nimzowitsch, Rubinstein, Bogoljubov 1931 Bled: Alekhine, Bogoljubow, Nimzovich et al 1934 Zurich: Alekhine, Bernstein, Bogoljubow, Euwe, Flohr, Lasker, Nimzovitsch, Stahlberg et al 1936 Dresden: Alekhine, Maroczy, Engels et al.; 10 players 1936 Hastings: Alekhine, Fine, Eliskases et al 1936 Moscow: Botvinnik, Capablanca, Flohr, Lasker et al 1936 Nottingham (Alekhine, Tartakower, Botvinnik et al) 1936 US Championship: 110 Games (10 missing - see PGN file): Reshevsky wins. Cross-Table included. 1936 Zandvoort (NED): Fine, Maroczy, Spielmann, Tartakower, Bogoljubov et al: 66 Games 1937 Kemeri: Reshevsky, Flohr, Alekhine, Keres et al.; 18 players 1937 Semmering: Keres, Fine, Capablanca, 8-player double round 1938 AVRO (Won by Fine-Keres, with Botvinnik et al) 1938 Lodz: Pirc, Tartakower, Eliskases et al.; 16 players 1939 Margate: Keres, Capablanca, Flohr et al.; 10 players 1945 Hastings 1945 British Championship (BCF) 1946 Froningen: Botvinnik, Tartakower, Smyslov, Flohr et al 1947 WECU, Bristol 1947 L:jubljana: Gligoric, Pirc et al: 144 Games 1948 Saltsjobaden izt: All 190 Games 1948 Venice, Italy (Najdorf, Szabos, Barcza, Grob et al): 91 Games 1949 Bad Pyrmont Ch. - BDR: Bogoljubov et al: 81 Games 1949 Southseas: Tartakower, Rossolimo, Pachman, Thomsa Reconstruction of 1949 US Open Tournament Bulletin & Games. Includes notes. Games are in PGN 1950 Amsterdam, with Cross-Table and player biographies 1950 Budapest Candidates 1950 Southseas: Bisguier, Schmid, Golombeck, Bogoljubov 1951 Mar del Plata: 253 Games 1951 Oxford 1951 US Championship 1951 World Championship (Botvinnik & Bronstein tie) 1952 Beverwijk 1952 Sweden Interzonal (Petrosian, Averbach, Taimanov et al) 1952 Liverpool: Bronstein, Taimanov 1952 USSR Championship 1953 Beverwijk: Euwe, Rossolimo, J. Donner et al: 66 Games 1953 Bucharest: Spassky, Boleslavsky, Barcza et al: 190 Games 1953 hastings: Bronstein, Alexander, O'Kelly 1953 Zurich Candidates 1954 Buenos Aires: Argentina vs. USSR 1955 Goteborg Interzonal (Reti, Bisguier, Keres, Petrosian, Najdorf et al) 1956 Amsterdam Candidates: Smyslov, Keres, Szabo et al: 90 games 1956 Hastings 1956 Ilford Premiere 1956 Paignton 1956 First Canadian Open Ch., including some early Bobby Fischer games. Headers corrected according to tournament book, fixing errors found in other copies on the net. 1957 Bad Neuenahr 1957 Hastings 1957 Sao Paulo 1958 Portoroz izt: Tal, Gligoric, Petrosian et al: 210 Games 1958 USSR Ch.: Tal, Petrosian, Bronstein, Averbach et al 1959 Balatonfured: Portisch, Bilek, Uhlmann et al 1959 British (BCF) Championship Reconstruction of 1959 US Open Tournament Bulletin & Games. Includes notes. Games are in PGN 1959 Zurich: Fischer, Larsen, Keres, Barcza et al 1959 Candidates, with Cross-Table 1962 Hastings B 1962 Stockholm izt: 23 rds. & 5-game playoff between Benko, Stein & Glioric. Fischer won 1st 1963 Halle Zonal: All 190 Games. Portisch over Larsen 1963 Hastings 1963 Los Angeles (Najdorf, Keres, Gligoric et al) 1964 Amsterdam izt 1964 Arcobaleno 1964 Pecs 1964 Zurich Young Masters 1965 Candidates 1965 Las Vegas (Byrne, Reshevsky et al) 1966 Malmo 1966 Santa Monica: Fischer, Spassky, Petrosian, Najdorf, Reshevsky et al 1967 British (BCF) Championship 1967 Hastings 1967 Moscow: Najdorf, Keres, Petrosian, Gligoric et al 1967 Sousse izt: Infamout Fischer dispute 1968 British (BCF) Championship 1968 Lasker Memorial, Berlin: Uhlmann, Barczay, Suetin, Bronstein et al: 17 Games 1968 Correspondence Olympiad 1967-68 Czech Correspondence Championship, with Cross-Table 1968 Hastings 1968 Lublin 1969 British (BCF) Championship 1969 US Open 1969: Torunament Notes & Games in PGN. Won by Benko 1970 British (BCF) Championship 1970 Hastings 1970 Islington Jr. International: Timman et al 1970 Lieden (NED): Botvinnik, Donner, Larsen, Spassky 1970 Lugano: Larsen, Olafsson, Gligoric et al 1970 Palma de Mallorca (big Fischer win) 1970 USSR vs. The World: Najdorf, Tal, Portisch, Korchnoi, Gligoric, Smyslov, Uhlmann et al 1971 Cambridge Internationals 1971 Eskilstuna 1972 Amsterdam IBM: All 120 games. Won by Polugaevsky. 1972 Barnstaple Open 1972 Helsinki 1972 Las Palmas (won by Portisch): Larsen, Smyslov, Bronstein, Benko et al. 15 rounds, 120 Games 1972 San Antonio "Church's Chicken" Tournament: STRONG players! 1973 Bollnas 1973 European Corr. Teams 1973 Hsatings: Tal, Szabo, Timman, Kuzmin 1973 Leningrad izt: All 153 Games. Korchnoi & Karpov equal 1st 1973 Madrid

PGN Collections

Internet Chess Library
Alekhine 186 games
Anand 308 games
Botvinnik 700 games
Bronstein 114 games
Capablanca 589 games
Chigorin 295 games
Euwe 475 games
Fine 68 games
Fischer 733 games
Karpov 1046 games
Kasparov 1030 games
Lasker 397 games
Morphy 243 games
Reti 400 games
Schlecter 83 games
Tal 1964 games

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Frequently Asked Questions about Chess   edited by Steve Pribut

Archon Ultra

Biographical information on some Notable Chess Personalities

Blade Runner FAQ 2.2: Part 10

Chess History by Bill Wall

CM4000 Review

Ex planation-based neural network learning in chess

GNU Chess and XBoard:FAQ-Tim Mann

Green Eggs Report

How To Tell If Yout Head's About To Blow Up

Macintosh Chess Frequently Asked Questions Homepage

Some Chess FAQS

Steinitz's Theory

Steve Pribut's Chess Page
Pribut maintains archives of the frequently asked chess questions (FAQs).

Usenet FAQ for Chess

WBCA Rules

Yasser Seirawan's diary - from the Donner Memorial


gnu.chess - GNU chess related newsgroup
maus.schach - general german chess newsgroup - only articles - In Dutch - analysis openings/middlegames/endgames - reports/discussion on game servers, databases, software -  news/discussion related to chess - reports/discussions related to email chess - news of nat'l/international chess organizations


Adolf Anderssen Birth: July 6, 1818 and Death: March 13, 1879 is buried in the Osobowicki Cemetery in Wroclaw, Poland, formerly named Breslau, Germany.

Paul Morphy Birth: June 22, 1837 and Death: July 10, 1884, is buried in New Orleans in St. Louis Cemetery No. 1. Here is his grave. Morphy grave

Harry Nelson Pillsbury Birth: December 5, 1872 Somerville, Massachusetts and Death: June 17, 1906 Philadelphia, was United States Chess Champion from 1897 until his death in 1906. He is buried in Laurel Hill Cemetery, Reading, MA.

William Steinitz Birth: May 14, 1836 Prague, Czech Republic and Death: Aug. 12, 1900 New York is buried in the Evergreens Cemetery, Brooklyn, Plot: Bethel Slope Section, Lot 5896. Steinitz grave

Emmanuel Lasker Birth: Dec. 24, 1868 Berlinchen and Death: Jan. 11, 1941 New York, is buried in Beth Olom Cemetery, Brooklyn.

Jose Capablanca Birth: Nov. 19, 1888 Havana and Death: Mar. 8, 1942 New York, is buried in Necropolis Cristobal Colon, Havana's city of the dead. He has a marble king on his grave. Capablanca grave

Alexander Alekhine Birth: Oct 31, 1892 Moscow and Death: Mar. 24, 1946 Estoril, Portugal, is buried in Cimiterie Montparnasse, Paris, and his gravestone was damaged in a 1999 storm as seen here. Interestingly, both his birth and death dates are wrong on his tombstone. The tombstone reads:

25TH MARCH, 1946
1927-35-37 TO THE END.
That is what you get when things are done by committee. Alekhine grave

Mikhail Moiseevich Botvinnik Birth: Aug. 17, 1911 Kuokkala (Repino, near St.Petersburg), Russia and
Death: May 5, 1995 Moscow, Russia.

Mikhail Nekhemievich Tal Birth: November 9, 1936 Riga, Latvia and Death: June 28, 1992 Moscow, Russia.

Tigran Vartanovich Petrosian Birth: June 17, 1929 Mulki of Aragatsotn region, Armenia
and Death: August 13, 1984 Moscow, Russia.

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