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Dr Ian Gibson in front of insane Churchill

A Study in Failure

World War II Leader

Churchill's reputation mostly rests on what happened in WWII because everyone admits he was a failure up to 1939.

The Good

In 1943 Churchill stopped Roosevelt from assassinating Free French leader Charles de Gaulle.

1944, summer, Churchill stopped Roosevelt's plan to turn France Marxist by assisting de Gaulle's run to Paris where Communists armed by the American OSS were running wild and about to consolidate control. As Paris goes, so goes France. De Gaulle arrived in time with his army to save France, to FDR's severe chagrin.

1944 Christmas. Churchill prevented E.L.I.A.S. Soviet-supported Communist forces in Greece from taking power. Roosevelt was so outraged by the frustration of Stalin's conquest that he never communicated with Churchill for the rest of his life.

The Bad

Churchill presided over the dissolution of the British Empire and demoted a country that was arguably the most powerful in the world to a second or third-rate lapdog of America. He undid the 450 year English domination of the world.

Churchill made all the worst possible decisions in the war. Vice Fuhrer Rudolph Hess had brought peace proposals from Hitler who thought it was a natural complementary alliance for the British to rule the seas and Germany to rule the continent and mystically considered the British were also Aryans and true cousins of the Germans (Anglos and Saxons came originally from the territory in Germany just below eastern Denmark.) Churchill was to write after the war that he could have made peace with Hitler at any time. If he had been smart he would have. Instead he sided with Roosevelt to save, protect, and promote Soviet Communism - the worst, least moral, and stupidest choice.

In 1940 Churchill introduced the idea of mass murdering innocent civilians by aerial bombing - sheer barbarism that had not existed in Europe for 20 centuries. After three months Hitler was forced to reciprocate. Churchill believed that Americans would be so outraged by the bombing of English cities that they would rush to enter the war at his side. It was just another of his miscalculations as, in fact, America yawned at the destruction of England. But the originator of this evil policy was Churchill which makes him a war criminal and prior to 1942, after Stalin, the second biggest mass murderer and second most evil man in the history of the world. Even now Churchill is the 5th most prolific murderer in history only behind, in order: Mao, Stalin, Hitler, Pol Pot. Arguably Churchill is the fifth most evil man that ever lived.

Bloody Winston Churchill should have been tried and executed in 1945 for crimes against humanity.


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